Traditional (Post-1920)

Restaurant by the Lake, French Impressionist Jules Herve


Sparkling Surf, Rockport Impressionist Paul Strisik


Lobster Shack, Maine Fauvist, Rupert Scott Lovejoy


Norway, Maine Farmhouse, Early Spring, Impressionist Vivian Milner Akers


Spring Blossoms, Impressionist Volney A. Richardson


Brook in Winter, New Hampshire, Impressionist Earle A. Titus, 1961


Barnard’s Farm, Shelburne, MA, Impressionist Stephen G. Maniatty


Grand Tetons Sunset, Peter Ellenshaw, 1993


Early Morning, Portland, Maine, Impressionist Paul Black


Western Massachusetts, Early Autumn, Impressionist Stephen Maniatty


Cape Breton Island, Canada, NH Impressionist John F. Enser


Vermont Farm Scene, Luigi Lucioni, c. 1930


Early Summer, New England, Impressionist, Gustave Wiegand


Bend in the River, Impressionist Marian Parkhurst Sloane


Covered Bridge, Maine Impressionist Vivian Milner Akers, 1949

Cavalier in Library, Grete Kalla-Priechenfried


traditional painting for sale done by Louis Fabien that depicts Cannes France
Cannes, Louis Fabien


Maine Harbor Scene, Rockport Impressionist Charlie Movalli


Sunset, Rockport Harbor, Impressionist Marian Williams Steele


Quiet Time, MA Alice Ruggles Sohier, c. 1930s


Gloucester Harbor, Leo B. Blake, c. 1950s


Horse Racing, Lady’s Secret, Impressionist Fay Mowery Moore


New England Winter Scene, Rockport Impressionist Donald Allen Mosher


Hollyhocks by a Cottage, R.I. Impressionist, H. A. Dyer, c. 1930


Yellow House, Truro, Cape Cod, Impressionist Daisy M. Hughes, Exhibited


Gloucester Harbor Scene, Impressionist Juliet H. Burdoin


At the Opera, Paris, French Impressionist Francois Gerome


Beach Scene, Rockport Impressionist Marian Williams Steele


Traditonal painting of Gloucester Harbor done by artist Donald Allen Mosher
Gloucester Harbor, Donald Allen Mosher


Mother & Child, Impressionist Edna Hibel


Rockport Harbor Scene, Impressionist James K. Bonnar


Brook in Winter, New Jersey Impressionist, W. Craig Harvey 1882-1962


Winter Wonderland, Hungarian Artist Laszlo Neogrady

Banff, Canada, Rockport Impressionist Paul Strisik, N.A.