Exotic Portrait, German Artist Louis Ammy Blanc, 1878


Oil on wood panel measures 8.5″ x 7.25″ unframed.

Painting is signed in the upper right (L. Blanc) and dated 1878

Original (or period) frame measures 15.5″ x 14.5″

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Biography from Auctionata

The Berlin-born Louis Ammy Blanc (1810-1885) was a successful portrait and genre painter in his time and is mainly known for his images of Biedermeier and the religious and romantic scenes from everyday life.  Blanc started his artistic education at the end of the 1820s studying at the Berliner Akademie and some years later he changed to Düsseldorf and became a pupil of Julius Hübner.  Blanc studied in Florence, Italy in the mid-1860s with Antonio Ciseri.  Louis Blanc returned to Düsseldorf and ran a studio there.

The manner of painting of the artist is characterized by the technical perfection, the quality of distinction and detail of his depictions and the concinnity of his art.  The simple and dignified portraits and the partially magical motives met the spirit of the 19th century – shaped by romanticism and Biedermeier. (msc).