Beach Scene, Children Playing, Impressionist James Harrington


Colorful Oil on Canvas Painting measures 28″ x 36″

Original silver frame measures 30″ x 38″

Signed lower right Jas. Harrington

Fine Original Condition!

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An elected member of the American Society of Marine Artists, James Harrington (1929-2016) has a reputation initially  founded on his work with marine subjects but expanded into a much broader scope focused on humanity in general rather than a specific locale.  His art seems to suggest events that began before and continue after the particular moment depicted.  The viewer is invited to invent stories and find the significance of what is taking place. Viewed in the aggregate, as at an exhibition, Harrington’s work continually surprises us with the variety and range of imagination displayed.

James Harrington’s work has been featured in a number of publications including American Artist magazine (July 1987, pp. 42-47), and Susan Rayfield’s book, Marine Painting: Techniques of Modern Masters (N.Y., Watson-Guptill, 1991, pp. 104-109, 138).